Smart Surfing

This week for Miss White’s cybersmart group we learned how to use keywords to search the internet about information or topics.

What are keywords?  Keywords are important words that give more information or keywords are where you unlock new words or you unlock new information.

First, Miss White explained to us our first task. Our first task was to make a copy of the smart surfing slides and work through them to complete the tasks. We had to write down four questions about our topic and then highlight the words that are most important to our topic in each question. Then we had to choose one of your questions and use the keywords from that question to search for information.  The words you type into the google search bar are called a query. Lastly we had to find out the answer to our question of where we got it off from. For example : wikipedia.

Next, we had to do some keyword searching. We had to brainstorm some keywords and also research synonyms words that have the same meaning or replacement terms. For example : Cookie and biscuits, bad and evil, and other kinds of words that match together with synonyms.

Lastly, Miss White said that we had to make a DLO explaining what keywords are and why we use them for searching on the internet or searching for information or topics. For example : we use keywords because we have to find out what is happening or the information that is going around the world.

I enjoyed doing cybersmart and learning new things about it. I did well at explaining in the DLO what keywords are and why we use them. I need to improve on adding more simple details into it so the little ones can understand stuff easily.

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