Month: May 2022

Snails and Crabs

I learned about what parts of a snail and crabs has.

First I watched a video about snail, slugs, and slime. I had to listen to the video so I can get information about them. In the video I learned that the front half of a snail or slugs foot will stretch out far along the ground. Both snails and slugs are covered in a special slime called mucus.

The mucus helps the snails and slugs to stay wet and avoid drying out and for another thing snails and slugs can also use the mucus to help them stick to things so they can stay still.

Next I had to find a photo of a snail and showing them about the parts of a snail. The parts that I found was mouth, eyes, head, foot, apex, mantel, shell lip, and shell. Those are the parts I found about the snail.

Lastly I had to draw a crab on a piece of paper and writing down the bodyparts of a crab. Some the crab parts were claws, eyes, walking legs, shell, and head.

I enjoyed learning about parts of a crab body. I need to improve on learning more about slugs. I did well on learning parts of a snail.

Te Reo

We learned about Maori numbers and Pacific islands.

First we were split up into five groups. Whaea Odie took one group while the others was looking for a pacific islands on the google search and putting it on their google draw and finding the countrys that was on the Te Reo doc.

When our group was on the mat, Whaea Odie used playing cards and we had to tell her what that number was in maori.

Next Whaea Odie added the cards to one to 20. For example: She put a 10 and 7 down. This was added to make tekau ma whitu.

I did well on saying the questions on the mat with Whaea Odie. I need to improve on learning more numbers in maori. I enjoyed finding countys on google search.

What is Inference?

This week we made a google draw explaining what an inference is and typing down I can see… So I can infer…

An inference is guessing extra information from photos and texts. It can also mean when you give a option and a conclusion from the information. You can use inferring.  I can see so I can infer.

I made a google doc and typing down I can see… So I can infer. For example I can see a rock. So I can infer that the Aliens are eating rocks for breakfast.

I made a google draw about writting information about what is inference. For another example:  I can see 2 Aliens So I can infer that they live on the moon.


Audiences are groups of people who receive information. There are three types of audiences. They are individual, group, and everyone.

An individual audience is communicating with a single person.

A group audience is communicating with a small number of people

The last group means everyone in the world.

Different apps communicate with different audiences.

How to read the time

Follow these instructions to learn how to tell digital time.


  • analogue clock


    1. Read the hour hand. This will give the hour hand between 1-12.
    2. Read the minute hand. This will give the minute hand between 1-60
    3. Combine the hour and minute numbers. Hours are written on the left side, and minutes are on the right side.

Procedural text

Procedural texts tell people how to do something in steps.

The structure of a procedural text is remembered by using TEMPS.

T stands for title. Title is a book that the owner has written down in a book.

E stands for end result. End result is a reader that tells information with people.

M stands for materials. Materials is a list of things you have to get while doing something.

P and S stands for pictures and steps. Picture and steps are list of steps thats in order with pictures.

Observable Information

Observable information is something that can be seen directly. Literal information is information that is printed or written down.

Observable information can also be seen without guessing extra information. For example in the first slide: there is one boy wearing a red t-shirt

Literal information is some information about some people that went to go print something or something that was written down by someone

Literal information is information that can be in any text.