Summarising Template

This week I learned about what is summrise and what is keywords.

First I read a book called Goldilocks. I had to talk about why goldilocks go inside the house? For example : Goldilocks went inside the house because when she knocked on the door no one answered so she went inside the house and ate the tiny bowl wiht porriage.

Next I had to discuss with my group about the question that is on the document. For example : Should she have fixed the chair.

Then I had to write down 20 important keywords on a document. For example : Porridge, hot, cold, found, bears, goldilocks, middle size, big, small, knocked, beds, chair, climbed, wait, upstairs, hard, soft, growly, forest, and he.

Lastly I had to create a poster explaning what is summarising is. For example  : Summarising is to say or write it in fewer / less words.

I enjoyed reading the book. I did well at explaning what is summarising. I need to improve on explanning more about goldilocks.

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