Explanation About Train Design

This week I learned how to Explanation About Train Design.

First I had to pick any vehicle that is part of air, sea, land, and rail. I chose a type of train because it goes on rail.

Next I had to draw a train by myself on a google draw. I had to also desgin the train and label the parts that’s on the trains which are the wheels that goes on rails, flash light, the front wheel, the side windows for people to look outside while the train is moving.

Then I had to introduction what i’m gonna say. For example : I chose to create a vehicle shaped as a train but has things to go on rail & land. My vehicle has car wheels and my vehicle has windows for people to look at and a front window for the passengers to look at while driving. The train has buttons to activate them. 

Lastly I had to write down an explanation about how does it helps society. I written down : This vehicle helps society by going on rails and lands. My train, which is shaped like a train, has buttons to activate the wheels and the door as it stops at the train station. My train has doors for people to come out of the train when the passenger is in the right direction for the people who want to go. 

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explanation. I need to improve on explaning more about the train that goes on rails & adding more label onto the train.

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