SSR Selfie

This week I learned about SSR Selfie.

SSR stands for Sustanied Silent Reading. Sustained silent reading is where students read silently read in school and out of school.

First I had to choose a book and had to read the book for 10 minutes. For example  : I picked a book called goosebumps and I decieded to read it for 10 minutes.

Next I had to write down the main characters that were in the book that you talked about. The main characters were Sonny, Slappy, Sarah, Mum, and Dad.

Then I had to write down the illustrations of the person who wrote the story in words. For example : the illustrations is Rob Lieber.

Lastly I had to list 3 new words I don’t know in my own meanings. For example : I picked dangerous and said “Dangerous is something bad that happened often”.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at listing 3 words in my own meanings. I need to improve on writing something down basic.

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