The Five Story Elements

This week for Miss Tele’a writing groups we learned about how to understand the elements that makes a narrative compelling and to apply narrative elements to our writing.

What is narrative? Narrative tells stories, and stories helps us connect with each other’s. Narrative can be written in many mediums, such as novels, short stories, poems, diaries, and even biograph.

First, Miss Tele’a showed us the 6 different narrative genres. They were mystery, fantasy, action, horror, romance, and detective. We also learned about the 5 story elements. Which were character, plot, setting, conflict, and theme. Character are the who of the story. Setting is the where and when of the story. The plot is what of the story. Conflict is the why of the story. And Theme is the message of the story.

Next, we watched a video that talks about the 5 elements, and it explains what it is. The 5 elements are character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme.

After, we played a game called kahoot. In the kahoot Miss Tele’a wrote down questions and we have to answer them correctly which talks about what the 5 elements is. I came 11th place with a year 5 called Valencia.

Lastly, we had to make a copy of a DLO and figure out a movie we are going to talk about using the 5 elements story. I chose Shrek because it’s really interesting.

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