This week for Miss White reading groups we learned about how to identify a problem and solution.

What is a problem and a solution? A problem is where something has happened and it is really bad. Solution is where you fix the problem and it is all solved.

First, Miss White explained to us what our task and work was for us to do for today. Our work was to go on the document called Goldilocks and we had to read through the story and answer the questions. We also had to find the problem and solution.

Next, we had to make comments on each question and answer them. For example : the question is “How many people have voted for a national. The answer will be 36. After we finished commenting on each question we had to look through other people’s comments. Miss White looked through them with us all together and read them and gave respect to our comments.

Then, after we finished the document and commented on every question, we had to scroll down to the bottom and write down a problem that happened in the story and the solution that fixed the problem. For example : The problem will be the teacher was being unfair to the other students. The solution will be the teacher realised it was so unfair to the other students so she apologised and took them too.

Lastly, we had to make a copy of the problem and solution DLO. DLO also stands for digital learning objects. In the DLO we had to click on the link called stories for kids. I had to choose 3 stories and read or watch through it. When I finished reading one of the stories I had to go on the DLO and write down the problem and solution and do it for the rest of the 2 other stories.

The end… Remember to be positive and respectful to school. Negative actions have negative consequences.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at commenting on each question on the document. I need to improve on adding more comments.

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