Narrative Brianstorm

Zurelle is a girl and she’s 11 years old. She has freckles, curly black hair, and brown eyes. In the inside of her life she is kind, smart, and kinda caring especially helpful.

One day, Zurelle went to school and she also takes the bus with her close friend Kalayla. When they arrived they went into class and was talking about crushes. “Whos your crush?” Kalayla said. “My crush is Jake!”. Kalayla was in shock and they started arguing for liking the same person. Her other close friend Layla stopped them and just use their wits because if it still continues it gets even worse. At the end of the day Kalayla saw Zurelle with Zion (her brother) and thought that was her crush. But then she took Jake away from her and Zurelle got mad. But they realised it was unfair. So they apologized and said “Promise we would never argue again and fighting over a boy”.


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