Dangerous Situations

We learned about dangerous situations.

We did dangerous situations. One of them are scams, bullying, phishing, regetful posting, posting private information, malware download, and predators.

Phishing is when random people send clickbait messages making you join a scam or download dangerous software. For example: “You have won $1 million! Click here to calim your money.” Just ignore this message.

Scamming is when people try to trick you into giving them money. For example: “I am a Nigerian prince who has been exiled from his kingdom. I ask that you help me by donating just $100. I will pay you back when I can pay for my freedom and get back to my kingdom.”  Report this scam and then delete it.

Regetful posting is when you post something online that will cause trouble later in life. For example: You post a video of yourself tagging. Always think before posting something.

When it comes to dangerous situation ignore it and block them so they don’t get to spam you or something.

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