Formal Letter

This week I learned how to write a Formal Letter to Santa.

A fomal letter is when you write a letter to a person that you don’t really know.

First I had to write a formal letter to Santa. I started of by writing a fake address, a date, greeting, paragraphs, closing of the letter, and signature. Example : the fake address I writtten : 11 Beach St, the date : 6/12/2022, the greeting : Greeting Santa, the paragraph : I have been a good girl really lately, closing of letter : Regards, Signature : Brooke Monet Winterstein Puiri. These are what I have written for my formal letter to Santa.

Next I had to greet the person who I am sending the letter to.

Lastly I had to write the paragraph and sign the letter with my name.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing the paragraph. I need to improve on writing more paragraph.

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