This week I did athletics day.

First I started off with discuss. Our coach and teacher explained the rules. I had to do a swing over but with the actions Mr Wong taught us.

Next I started off by doing high jump. For high jump I have to make jump high on the side to see who has the high jump. If you jump and you did not make it you can have another try after the round finishes.

After I started off by shotput. In shotput you get a ball and put it on the side of your chin and then point. Then when you are ready push the ball to throw.

Lastly we lastly started off by doing sprinting. When you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you get a stick that tells you what number you are. I came 1st for the year 5 girls.

I enjoyed doing high jump. I enjoyed playing shotput. I need to improve on pushing the ball further.

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