This week I learned about how to make bookmarks and what it means.

Bookmarks are important for school because it helps you navigate to your learning quickly.

First I had to decided which student has the important bookmarks. For example : Student number one bookmarks are, Goku image search, NRL image search, writing week 1, pancakes recipe, cool math games, and youtube. The problem is that they are not part of school work but student number 3 bookmarks are, School School, Class site, CLass blog, My blog, Google drive, and Gmail. Student number 3 is the most important bookmarks because its part of school stuff.

Next I had explain why number 3 has the most important bookmarks. The reason why is because it talks about school but the other 2 is different since Goku is inappropriate because its not part of school stuff.

Lastly I had to share my bookmarks and explain why I have chosen to bookmarks the websites. I chosen this bookmarks because google drive is where you save all of your work from school, I chose stepwebs because its a type of game you can learn from, I chose the panmure bridge school site because its our school site that leads you to everything, I chose the LS1 sit because it’s where you know what your doing, I chose blog post because its where you blog and talk about your work.

I enjoyed doing bookmarks. I did well at explaning why I chosen the bookmarks. I need to improve on bookmark more.

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