Ki O Rahi

This week for HPE we learned how to play Ki o Rahi.

Rules for Ki O Rahi : Ki O Rahi are 5 minute quarters with an immediate change at quarter time and a 2 minute break at half time. The sport is non-contact but players wear a belt holding two velcro tags around their waist. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. No watches or other jewellery are allowed to be worn during play.

First, Coach Lucas teaches us what Ki o Rahi is. Ki o Rahi is a Maori game. if you have the ball you have to run and touch the long yellow stick. When you touch it all you have to try and score by touching the middle with the ball. If you are near the bin (tupu) you have to try and block the ball from touching it so the other team doesn’t get a score. You first have to wear a belt and 2 ripper tags on the side of your hips. if your teammate passes the ball to you, you have to catch it and throw it at the tupu to get a point.

Next, Lucas told us what equipment we need. We need 1 tupu (central target), approx 40 gallon drum or rubbish bin, 7 pou, Ki woven flax ball, normal ball, and field marking. 

Afterwards, Lucas picked people to be in the red team and yellow team. I was on the red team. For example: he picked a boy to be in the red team and the other team yellow.

Lastly, we had one more round to see who won the game. The team who won was the red team.

I enjoyed doing HPE. I did well at catching the ball and passing it on to the others. I need to improve on being the target.

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