This week for reading we learned about how to visualise (make a metal picture).

Visualise or Visualizing means to make a metal picture based on a description or text.

First, we had to identifying specific nouns, verbs, adjectives by thinking about what can be seen, heard, felt, smelt (smell), or tasted. Noun is a word used to identify any of class of people, places, or things. Verb is a word that expresses action, state of being, or a relation between two things in a sentence. Adjective is a word describes a noun it also provides more information about the noun.

Next, we had to listen to Miss White that reads a type of story and we had to draw what we have heard on our book. For example: If she said “there was gummy bears on the bushes” I would draw gummy bears on a bush.

After, we had to compare our piece of work to someone else so we can share and see each other’s drawing that compares to the story.

Lastly, we had to make a google draw and compare the drawing in our book into the google slide and change stuff around. For example: I drew in our google draw a green bush with different type of color gummy bear.

I enjoyed learning about visualizing. I did well at listening to the story that the teacher read out. I need to improve on adding more details to the google drawing.

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