This week for HPE we learned about HPE Mix sport.

HPE stands for health and physical education.

First, Coach Lucas picked people to go to the red cone or blue cone. Coach Lucas picked me to go to blue cone. For example : If the person next to me was picked to go to the red cone. Coach Lucas will pick me to go to the blue cone.

Next, when we were all in our teams Coach Lucas had 2 equiment. The hockey ball, and soccor ball. The first game was soccor ball.

Lastly, Coach Lucas will think of how much people who play each equiment. For example : Coach Lucas will say “4 soccor people”. When he says that 4 people who run around the cones and try to score the ball to the others team goal. The team who won was blue team.

I enjoyed playing HPE. I did well at listening to the coach. I need to improve on running faster and triyng to goal for our team to get a score.

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